Saturday, November 1, 2008

Microsoft Photosynth : transform your ordinary pictures

Microsoft Photosynth is a tool fresh from the ovens of Microsoft Live Labs which can be used for giving a 3-D look to your collection of images. Compitition can do wonders for consumers. First we have seen Google Labs and now Microsoft Labs, dont get amazed if you listen something like this in future : Microsoft University Lost to Google University. (giggles) . Anyways lets get back to Photosynth.
Photosynth makes a type of 3-D collage out of your pictures. But you have to shoot pictures in a different manner or aproach. These instructions are well explained in a video and pdf.
Getting Started with photosynth is pretty easy. All you have to do is to download photosynth client on your computer and you need to have a Live Id like MSN or Hotmail to make your personalised web album.By default you have given a storage space of 20 GB.

You can choose a license among a number of lincensing options for your creation.

The procedure of creating web album and uploading your pictures is quite easy but the real hard work has to be done in acquiring those images. You have to take care of lot of things like avoid taking pictures of shiny objects, repititive patterns etc.
Photosynth is worth giving a try if you have lots of free time or if you want to make something creative out of ordinary pictures.


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