Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sobees: your social desktop aggregator

I have always felt that there is still a lot of scope left in terms of building a desktop based application for pooling social content. Sobees has shown me little bit of hope but a lot has yet to come from them. Sobees is a social desktop aggregator made by deskNet, a Swiss software company. Currently in its beta phase, sobees delivers a stand alone desktop application for socializing and for getting user intended information from web.

Sobees gives you a lot of options for customisation like you can resize any widget by dragging the edges, in or out. You can select themes, layouts, services, RSS feeds etc too. The great thing about sobees is that you can install it on multiple computers and changes made on one will be reflected on other.

There are lots of things to play round with sobees like to start with, sobees has a built in RSS-FEED reader, you can save an item from an RSS feed and share it with other Sobees users. There is a built in btt-news ticker too.

You have an option to connect your flickr, friendfeed, twitter and facebook accounts to sobees. Once connected you can then upload your pictures, update your status etc directly from sobees.

Sobees also has a built in browser which i really liked. When you search for something, lets just say 'us elections', you will get seperate images, news and web results for 'us election' all in the same place. You can connct with other sobees users, share information, send them messages, notifications etc

Everything seems in place currently for Sobees, however, if they really have to carve out a niche in the competitive market, they need to work hard in acquiring region based information. For this they can make a part of their API open so that anyone can make widgets based on sobees platform. Also they should provide more options for customising it so that a whole organisation can modify it according to their need for example what i missed most is file transferring through sobees.
Sobees looks attractive and intersting in its first run but all that glitters is not gold. I would suggest to wait for its final release before getting your first hand on it.


nitesh said...

Seems like an interesting application, thanks for sharing, randomly bumped to ur blog...interesting, will bookamrk it!!!!!

Shashank Kumar said...

thanx Nitesh, its indeed an interesting application abut not very handy. wait for its final release :)