Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jinni : your personal movie jinn

I am a big movie buff and to such an extent that I can't live without watching movies. Perhaps who doesn't; but times, come when I like a movie on some theme or genre and I wish to see more like it!! What do I do ? Where should I go? luckily has got all the answers!! Jinni is a whole new way to discover movies and TV shows. It helps you in searching movies and TV shows titles based on: mood, plot, genre, time/period, place, audience, praise and much more.

I tried searching on different moods and the results were pretty satisfying. As it is still in its beta phase, so don't expect extraordinary search result- like more specific movie titles- give some time to the guys to build their database. And I'm sure in future, you'll have 'name it and you'll get it' kind of service.

Why should you try

As of now, you have the freedom of searching movie titles, you can also see the detailed information about the movies. Like summary of plot, reviews, trailer, cast and crew, community ratings etc. The good thing about reviews is that you'll find exclusive movie reviews by critics and by users as well as that maintains neutrality and transparency in the reviews.

So I have found the right movie to watch, what should I do next? also gives you the option to buy the title through amazon, netflix, blockbuster and to download through movielink. I'm looking forward to see various options which are inactive at the moment like save search , recommend to a friend.

Way to go for

Time is running fast for so it's better to come out from their beta phase as soon as possible. There are no detailed biographies of actors or directors and I also think that there should be a better integration of netflix into their website.

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nitesh said...

Being a cinephile this is a definite positive informaton, Shahsank. Good info hope to use the tool and do blog more frequently.