Monday, November 10, 2008

Pixley : go paperless, get organised!! is one of the finest example which shows what 'cloud computing' has in store for us. Pixily is a web subscription service which converts all your paperwork including your documents, notes, bills, newspaper cuttings etc into digital format and all you need to do is to just mail them on their postal address. Converting paperwork into digital format is helpful in many ways. You can not only now search easily within the documents but can share them too, with others and thus saving a great amount of your time,money and space. And the best part among all, with each 1000 pages you recycle, you save a tree ( Bravo!!!! ).


Getting started with Pixily is very simple. There are two ways in which you can upload your documents in your account. First way is to manually upload them after signing in to your account and second way is by sending them through post. Each month you'll be provided specially designed envelopes. Put all your documents in the envelopes and send them to Pixely. Your documents will then be converted into digital format and then automatically uploaded into your secure Pixily account in no time. And no need to worry about all those documents as they will be posted back to you.


Pixily displays each document as snippets which is the top portion of the first page of the document. Clicking on the snippets will open up the document and you can then easily browse through the whole document.

Searching something in Pixily is as simple as searching in google. When you type in a keyword, Pixily will search for it within all the documents to find that word and will give the search result by highlighting it on the document.

When you open any document from your account , on the side panel you'll see some handy options. You can print your document, download it in PDF format or share the document with others..all in one go.
I had a conversation with Anand Rajaram, Chief Product Officer of Pixily who told me that they are also planning on to add some new features in future which i think will take their customer's satisfaction to a new level.

On the first look, Pixily seems to be a very useful and attractive service, indeed worth giving a try. However the success of their service lies in maintaining the privacy of the customers which i am sure would be the top among their priority list.

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