Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jinni : your personal movie jinn

I am a big movie buff and to such an extent that I can't live without watching movies. Perhaps who doesn't; but times, come when I like a movie on some theme or genre and I wish to see more like it!! What do I do ? Where should I go? luckily has got all the answers!! Jinni is a whole new way to discover movies and TV shows. It helps you in searching movies and TV shows titles based on: mood, plot, genre, time/period, place, audience, praise and much more.

I tried searching on different moods and the results were pretty satisfying. As it is still in its beta phase, so don't expect extraordinary search result- like more specific movie titles- give some time to the guys to build their database. And I'm sure in future, you'll have 'name it and you'll get it' kind of service.

Why should you try

As of now, you have the freedom of searching movie titles, you can also see the detailed information about the movies. Like summary of plot, reviews, trailer, cast and crew, community ratings etc. The good thing about reviews is that you'll find exclusive movie reviews by critics and by users as well as that maintains neutrality and transparency in the reviews.

So I have found the right movie to watch, what should I do next? also gives you the option to buy the title through amazon, netflix, blockbuster and to download through movielink. I'm looking forward to see various options which are inactive at the moment like save search , recommend to a friend.

Way to go for

Time is running fast for so it's better to come out from their beta phase as soon as possible. There are no detailed biographies of actors or directors and I also think that there should be a better integration of netflix into their website.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pixley : go paperless, get organised!! is one of the finest example which shows what 'cloud computing' has in store for us. Pixily is a web subscription service which converts all your paperwork including your documents, notes, bills, newspaper cuttings etc into digital format and all you need to do is to just mail them on their postal address. Converting paperwork into digital format is helpful in many ways. You can not only now search easily within the documents but can share them too, with others and thus saving a great amount of your time,money and space. And the best part among all, with each 1000 pages you recycle, you save a tree ( Bravo!!!! ).


Getting started with Pixily is very simple. There are two ways in which you can upload your documents in your account. First way is to manually upload them after signing in to your account and second way is by sending them through post. Each month you'll be provided specially designed envelopes. Put all your documents in the envelopes and send them to Pixely. Your documents will then be converted into digital format and then automatically uploaded into your secure Pixily account in no time. And no need to worry about all those documents as they will be posted back to you.


Pixily displays each document as snippets which is the top portion of the first page of the document. Clicking on the snippets will open up the document and you can then easily browse through the whole document.

Searching something in Pixily is as simple as searching in google. When you type in a keyword, Pixily will search for it within all the documents to find that word and will give the search result by highlighting it on the document.

When you open any document from your account , on the side panel you'll see some handy options. You can print your document, download it in PDF format or share the document with others..all in one go.
I had a conversation with Anand Rajaram, Chief Product Officer of Pixily who told me that they are also planning on to add some new features in future which i think will take their customer's satisfaction to a new level.

On the first look, Pixily seems to be a very useful and attractive service, indeed worth giving a try. However the success of their service lies in maintaining the privacy of the customers which i am sure would be the top among their priority list.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Send .exe as attachement through gmail

Yesterday, my friend asked me to send him a flash presentation which has a .exe extension. I tried mailing him using gmail attachment but wallah!!!! i got an error message which was surprising to see as gmail has their own inbuilt scanning mechanism.
The simplest solution to this problem is to remove the extension of file and then attache the file. For eg. suppose you want to attache abc.exe, rename the file and remove the .exe part so the file will now become abc simply. You can also try changing the extension of file to more acceptable file formats like .txt, .doc etc.
You can do the same for attaching batch files(.bat) as well.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

juice : juice up your firefox

If you use firefox ( and why would not you ) then this is a killer add-on you cant miss. Juice draws information from sources which include Wikipedia, Google News, YouTube and Techcrunch right into its interface for your quick refernce. All you have to do is, highlight the keyword on the page, drag and drop the keyword into juice sidebar. If you find it difficult to do, just drag it slightly and drop.
That's the magic search of juice. However you can also see the google search result just by pressing the search tab. It will show you different results for web, images, news, videos and blog.

You can also bookmark and organize rich content like videos and images discovered by juice. For example, when Juice comes up with a video as a search result, you can simply add the video into your personal video playlist – for current or future viewing. You can also do this with the videos and images you discover yourself while browsing the web, by dragging the image or tab attached to the videos.
Juice is currently available for only firefox 3 and above and you can download it from here (463 Kb).

Monday, November 3, 2008

Extend Windows Server 2008 trial version

I have been working on Windows Server 2008 for quite some time now and i found it great in many new ways. I must say, the developers behind server 2008 have worked really hard to make it more secure, stable and user friendly.
You can download the 60 days trial version of server 2008 (Enterprise Edition) by clicking here.
However you can extend the trial period by resetting it up to 3 times so you will have 240 days to evaluate it. This information can also be found in the knowledge base article here.

1) first check how many days of evaluation period is left. Click Run in the menu Start, then type slmgr.vbs -dli and click OK. The script will take some time to load before it will show you a Windows Script Host message window that says how much time is left.
2) Click Run in the menu Start, then type slmgr.vbs -rearm and click OK. After a couple of seconds it will show you the message window that the command has completed. Restart your system to apply the reset!

3) You can verify it by running the slmgr.vbs -dli command again.

You can also automate this process by using the Task Scheduler. You can configure the Task Scheduler to run the Slmgr.vbs script and to restart the server at a particular time. To do this, follow these steps:

1.Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Task Scheduler.
2.Copy the following sample task to the server, and then save it as an .xml file. For example, you can save the file as Extend.xml.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<Task version="1.2" xmlns="">
<Author>Microsoft Corporation</Author>

<TimeTrigger id="18c4a453-d7aa-4647-916b-af0c3ea16a6b">


<Principal id="Author">








<Actions Context="Author">



4.In the Task Scheduler, click Import Task on the Action menu.
5.Click the sample task .xml file. For example, click Extend.xml.
6.Click Import.
7.Click the Triggers tab.
8.Click the One Time trigger, and then click Edit.
9.Change the start date of the task to a date just before the end of your current evaluation period.
10.Click OK, and then exit the Task Scheduler.
The Task Scheduler will now run the evaluation reset operation on the date that you specified.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Microsoft Photosynth : transform your ordinary pictures

Microsoft Photosynth is a tool fresh from the ovens of Microsoft Live Labs which can be used for giving a 3-D look to your collection of images. Compitition can do wonders for consumers. First we have seen Google Labs and now Microsoft Labs, dont get amazed if you listen something like this in future : Microsoft University Lost to Google University. (giggles) . Anyways lets get back to Photosynth.
Photosynth makes a type of 3-D collage out of your pictures. But you have to shoot pictures in a different manner or aproach. These instructions are well explained in a video and pdf.
Getting Started with photosynth is pretty easy. All you have to do is to download photosynth client on your computer and you need to have a Live Id like MSN or Hotmail to make your personalised web album.By default you have given a storage space of 20 GB.

You can choose a license among a number of lincensing options for your creation.

The procedure of creating web album and uploading your pictures is quite easy but the real hard work has to be done in acquiring those images. You have to take care of lot of things like avoid taking pictures of shiny objects, repititive patterns etc.
Photosynth is worth giving a try if you have lots of free time or if you want to make something creative out of ordinary pictures.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sobees: your social desktop aggregator

I have always felt that there is still a lot of scope left in terms of building a desktop based application for pooling social content. Sobees has shown me little bit of hope but a lot has yet to come from them. Sobees is a social desktop aggregator made by deskNet, a Swiss software company. Currently in its beta phase, sobees delivers a stand alone desktop application for socializing and for getting user intended information from web.

Sobees gives you a lot of options for customisation like you can resize any widget by dragging the edges, in or out. You can select themes, layouts, services, RSS feeds etc too. The great thing about sobees is that you can install it on multiple computers and changes made on one will be reflected on other.

There are lots of things to play round with sobees like to start with, sobees has a built in RSS-FEED reader, you can save an item from an RSS feed and share it with other Sobees users. There is a built in btt-news ticker too.

You have an option to connect your flickr, friendfeed, twitter and facebook accounts to sobees. Once connected you can then upload your pictures, update your status etc directly from sobees.

Sobees also has a built in browser which i really liked. When you search for something, lets just say 'us elections', you will get seperate images, news and web results for 'us election' all in the same place. You can connct with other sobees users, share information, send them messages, notifications etc

Everything seems in place currently for Sobees, however, if they really have to carve out a niche in the competitive market, they need to work hard in acquiring region based information. For this they can make a part of their API open so that anyone can make widgets based on sobees platform. Also they should provide more options for customising it so that a whole organisation can modify it according to their need for example what i missed most is file transferring through sobees.
Sobees looks attractive and intersting in its first run but all that glitters is not gold. I would suggest to wait for its final release before getting your first hand on it.